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21 Janvier 2020 à 03:40:37
Lotro.fr  |  Place publique  |  Hors sujet  |  Sujet: Issues utilizing my graphics card avancée
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Topic Fermé Sujet: Issues utilizing my graphics card  (Lu 950 fois)

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« le: 27 Juin 2018 à 10:28:03 »


I recently got quite hooked on the game, but I'm experiencing some issues running the game properly. I can easily play the game without errors, but the performance isn't great. My PC specs: i7-930, GTX960, Asus P6-X58D motherboard. 750W Corsair PSU, 16GB Corsair RAM of some sort. No overclocks.After som digging and poking around, I confirmed this is another case of my computer acting weird by not running games properly on my graphics card. This creates weird behaviour since my CPU is a first-gen i7 (930) and doesn't even have integrated graphics. The result: some games are attempted run in some video mode or whatever where the game will run but with ridiculous performance. Luckily OTTD is not a complex game so my PC handles it just fine, except for choppy framerates, which is driving me crazy after truly noticing. The screen tearing is terrible, and I just want to play this great game not frustrated about how it runs, especially considering the age of the original.By using GPU-Z I confirmed that there is no increase or decrease in any value what-so-ever, from clock to temperature to any kind of video or GPU load. Only backed up by the nVidia "GPU Activity" screen that show OTTD indeed does not show under applications causing any activity in the GPU department. This seems to be the case for many older games, where there isn't a whole lot of 3D rendering going on, and also games like Neverwinter Nights (the first), where I have to open the advanced graphics menu for something to suddenly fall into place, stabilizing performance with a brief flash of the screen, for some obscure reason. There it goes from low fps, choppy/stuttering gameplay to smooth as.. something very smooth. And that is exactly what I find in other games too, also here in OTTD.
More recently, I believe my PC has tried rendering No Man's Sky in this manner, of course with tons of frustration.
So finally my question:Any idea what may cause this kind of problem?

Please help.

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« Répondre #1 le: 01 Juillet 2018 à 20:11:12 »


Vous êtes ici sur un site communautaire francophone, utilisé par les joueurs et qui n'a aucun lien avec SSG/Daybreak Game.

Rendez-vous sur les forums officiels: https://www.lotro.com/en/forums/forums.php

vous y trouverez plus rapidement une réponse qu'ici

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